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Clinicians Connect- Char Scott

As a way to get to know the staff at Riverwalk better, we will be featuring a different clinician each month, discussing personal information about each clinician. The clinician we will be connecting with is:

Charlene Scott



  1. “What influenced your decision to become a therapist?”
    I think in some ways, I was always a therapist albeit not trained.  Growing up in a high stress family as the third of three children, I was always trying to be the peacemaker.  I have had my own therapy experiences which were very important in preparing for this role especially doing psychoanalysis for an extended period.
  2. What did you do prior to your current role?”
    My original career was in marketing & market research.  Then, I went through an addictions training program and ultimately received a Masters in Social Work from Loyola University Chicago.  I have done many things, including case management, crisis assessments, home health social work and developed two successful dual diagnosis programs in Chicago area hospitals.  My career goals were to develop a private practice and teach since as a single mother, I needed the flexibility of being able to set my own hours.
  3. “In what ways do you engage in self-care, including hobbies and leisure activities?”I enjoy getting together with friends on a regular basis, taking my dogs to the dog park, spending time with my now 18-year-old son, riding my bike, going to movies, cooking and Netflix.
  4. “What is a fun fact about yourself?” I guess that I am from a small town in Indiana and I still regard myself as a “small town girl”.



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