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Clinicians Connect September 2017

As a way to get to know the staff at Riverwalk better, we will be featuring a different clinician each month, discussing more personal information about each person. The clinician we will be connecting with is:

Ali Elrehaimy


1. What influenced your decision to become a therapist?
“I always enjoyed helping others and I felt that if I could help one person, then I could be potentially creating a positive impact on multiple others that are a part of their life, like a ripple effect in a way. Mental health is an ever evolving field that’s always interesting and everyday is a new day with different challenges.”

2. What did you do prior to your current role?
“I was getting my Master’s education and working through college in a wide range of jobs from retail to institutional research.”

3. In what ways do you engage in self-care, including hobbies and leisure activities?
” I always try to make time in my day to eat and re-center myself; I typically have music on in the office to put myself in a good mood. I enjoy spending time with family and friends, anyone who can make me laugh because I strongly believe that’s one of the most effective things that can lift someone’s spirit and relieve stress. I also love to swim, ride my bike, watch movies, cook complicated dishes, and sleep…a lot.”

4. What is a fun fact about yourself?
” I am Egyptian, born and raised, and one day hope to be the 5’7″ bridge between mental health and my part of the world.”

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