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December Clinicians Connect

As a way to get to know the staff at Riverwalk better, we will be featuring a different clinician each month & discussing personal information about each clinician. The clinician we will be connecting with is:

Ashley Wilkinson, MSW


Ashley is new to Riverwalk Counseling Center, but she has over 13 years experience in the mental health field. Her background is in child welfare and trauma. She has been working as a foster care and adoption manager at Our Children’s Homestead for 10 years. She also teaches a course about trauma in children and teens at Aurora University. She has a lot of experience working with children 3 to 18 and would say this is where her passion lies. However, She has worked and still loves to work with individuals or families that would be past the age of 18!

  1. What influenced your decision to become a therapist?

When I was 16 I had an awesome psychology teacher and teacher’s assistant who really encouraged me to follow this path! I am thankful for all the people I meet along my journey and continued to push me into this role! I have been in the field for 13 years and still enjoy what I am doing.

2.What did you do prior to your current role?

I am still working as full time Adoptions Manager at a Specialized Foster Care Agency in Naperville called Our Children’s Homestead. I have been with this agency for 10 years. I help find homes for children who do not have families and match children with families who are ready to expand their own! This job has its ups and downs, but in the long run it’s so worth it!

3. In what ways do you engage in self-care, including hobbies and leisure activities?

I have a rescue lab mix named, Archie. I love to take him on adventures and explore new places.  I find being outdoors very peaceful and calming!  It helps to center me. A great book and a comfy couch is where you can find me when I am unwinding or just need some time to myself!
4. What is a fun fact about you?

I LOVE to sing. I have been singing since I was three years old. I have classical training and participated in multiple choirs over the years 🙂 My friends call me the “human jukebox.”


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