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How To Find A Mental Health Clinic That Supports Women’s Individual Recovery Needs

Finding an intensive outpatient program that fits your needs can be an overwhelming task; seeking help in itself is a difficult first step. However, finding a mental health clinic that stresses the importance of tailoring its program and curriculum to the needs of its clients can have a substantial impact on the therapeutic experience. In the Naperville, Wheaton, Aurora and DuPage County areas, this can be especially difficult.

Focusing on the treatment of substance use, both time and research have demonstrated to us that the disease does not discriminate based on an individual’s age, race, sex, or socioeconomic status. Yet, when the treatment is best fitted to that individual’s needs and background, it can be more effective in producing a successful outcome. Further examining the differences in the treatment of substance use between men and women, we can denote that while the destination of addiction is the same, the journey can be quite different for each one with different dynamics playing a significant role in recovery.  For example, factor such as self-esteem, guilt, shame, body image, or self-care can add another layer of complexity to recovery for women and can create a positive wave in treatment if addressed and processed. For mental health clinics that provide treatment to individuals that suffer from substance use and addiction, it is crucial to take these factors into consideration in order to best help them.

Riverwalk’s intensive outpatient program for women is one of those programs. We understand that women’s needs can differ from men’s when it comes to treatment. Providing an environment of care that is structured, safe, and gender specific can make a significant impact on the success of treatment as well as develop an atmosphere that nurtures recovery.


Ali Elrehaimy, MS
Jumpstart Coordinator/Compliance Officer
Riverwalk Counseling Center, Inc.

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